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A New Intentional Village



Since early 2011, we have been creating an “intentional village” near Mt. Storm, WV.  People who are interested in any of the many aspects of this creative experience are welcome to contact me for further details.


There are many concepts that are being brought together here: extended intentional community, social enterprise, alternative modes of creating connections based on personal growth and trained communication skills, and much more.


There are many dimensions to this, and each can be explored more thoroughly by selecting one of these links:


Abrams Creek Conference and Retreat Center


Allegheny Crest Enterprise Center and Motel     


Living in the Intentional Village:  An Overview and Invitation


Working in the Intentional Village:  Current opportunities


Intentional Village Financial Investment Opportunity

- 5.5% interest - 5 year term – highly secure

- guaranteed by real estate equity

- references available


The goal of Allegheny Crest is the creation of a consciously designed culture, which can support many of the changes that are needed for the survival of our species (and minimizing the destruction we are wreaking on other species and the Earth). There is no single vision behind this process; it is entirely a grassroots development, and is based in experimentation and cooperative learning.


The most immediate tool for this is the manifestation of a strongly connected network of people who share many values and experiences. Some of these people already live in intentional community, and others consider themselves part of an extended non-residential intentional community. Over the last decade or so, we have been developing and practicing a variety of tools that help us live in harmony with ourselves, each other, and the Earth.


Recently, we have taken yet another step in our learning and experimentation.


Currently, there is a retreat and conference center ( which includes a 4000 sq ft, 8 bedroom lodge house, a two bedroom cottage, 10 rustic cabins, 36 campsites, and a whitewater stream, all on a secluded 20 acres of spectacular natural beauty. We have also acquired a nearby motel, another 2 bedroom cottage, a 2 bedroom apartment and a small laundromat.


We hope that these can help form an economic base for a viable, flexible kind of intentional community that we call an “intentional village”. The distinctions from an “intentional community” include that from the start, economic sustainability is built in; we are starting with viable businesses, and we want to create an entrepreneurial “incubator”, so that new businesses are created regularly as well. Also, no one is expected to make long-term commitments to a larger entity, so that we can live out the practice of “being in the moment”.  We are creating an environment that works on insights similar to Open Space technology—in particular, that people are there because they *want* to be there.  Individuals will live near each other, but not necessarily on the same property, and the culture will focus on encouraging each person to achieve personal responsibility for themselves to the highest practical degree in all aspects of their lives.  A critical element of this project is that the tools for creating connection and cooperation are already in place *before* people come together for a particular project.


We have reasonable expectations that this can work well because we have already done many successful projects using these same insights and principles.


Here are some of the ways that people can be involved:


Help us figure out affordable ways to minimize our ecological footprint.


Join us in celebrations, workshops, and “barn-raisings”.


Participate in one of our investment groups.


Come stay with us for an “internship”-- learning, working and playing with us.


Move into one of the properties we have, or buy one near us and cooperate with us in transforming a conventional society into one based on compassion and freedom.


Brainstorm or start a business that we can participate in while living there.


Join a business that we start, that you can work on from where you are.


Help spread the word! 



We welcome any and all questions, suggestions, and resources!




Allegheny Crest Intentional Village