Want to live and work in a cooperative and supportive community?



One of the many possibilities that we expect to unfold over time was that folks who want to live in a conscious community and be economically self-sufficient would come to live on or near the properties that we have acquired.


Currently, there is an opportunity to live and work at Abrams Creek Center. It would provide living space and economic self-sufficiency for several people:




The most important skill is that the person can multi-task, and is very good at being a self-starter and managing their own time. 




Trade skills of all kinds are helpful.  Cleaning skills are important, too.




We need people who can figure out the best ways to let other people know of the wonderful resources that we have here.




The AC General Store is not just a retail outlet—it serves as the communications hub for the local area, and a primary intersection between the existing area residents and our intentional village.




As we work and live in the Allegheny Crest area, we see opportunities to create businesses that serve the community as well.  These are entrepreneurial ventures; the person spearheading a project must be excited and passionate about it.  By doing these ventures cooperatively, the start-up costs and risks are minimized.  And many of these would constitute “social enterprises”—businesses that do good for the community as well as the owners.




1.  There is a shortage of skilled tradespeople in the area.  If you have tradeskills or other personal service skills, there is likely a market for them.  And with several people with these skills, we can make ourselves known as a “guild”—people with a variety of skills, who are known to be honest, competent, and resourceful.   Advertising becomes much more efficient, and all benefit from mutual referrals.


2.  Abrams Creek Center is set up to make workshops and events simple and inexpensive.  Producing events of various types, music, personal growth, organizational retreats, etc., could easily provide a valuable service while generating a comfortable income.


3.  The area is full of exciting outdoor adventure possibilities.  Organizing these adventures, using the motel property as a base, could be a great way to earn a living and have fun at the same time!


4.  The motel and enterprise center has multiple DSL internet lines, and is right next to the Post Office.  This makes it very convenient for running all manner of internet-based businesses, from eBay sales to on-line tutoring to becoming the next YouTube star.  J


5.  When groups rent the campground, sometimes they need skilled chefs who can prepare meals for 50-200 people.  Residents get first choice of these opportunities.


6.  There is a *heated* 3-square mile lake nearby, but because of bureaucratic issues, the public access for swimmers and divers has been severely limited.  Purchasing a small piece of property, and providing access to the lake at a reasonable rate, possibly with a concession stand or small swimmer/diver shop, could be a great business for someone who loves the water.


Here are some other suggestions that folks came up with:


Offer space for a Farmer’s market

Massage/yoga studio

Community center

Health food store.

Wildcraft store.

Adventure tours: guided kayaking, hiking, etc.

Health care clinic

After-school programs for children

Teen center

Rent-all store

Book Store/used books

Internet Café.

Adult Ed classroom—skills & trades

Holistic health

Music venue

Visitor’s center

Repair shop – computers, electronics, appliances.

Videoconference center/telecommuting office



This is not the end of the list; we want your ideas as well.  We’re excited about all suggestions, and even more so if you want to come do them!





The “intentional village” in West Virginia is connected to an intentional community just outside of DC. So folks who are part of one are also connected to the other.  This gives the city folks a place to spread out and remember what the earth is really like, and gives the country folks a way to access city resources and recreations whenever they want them. Lots more intriguing possibilities there as well!