A Community Investment Opportunity at up to 5.5% -- highly secure

- 5.5%/5 year term; 4.75%/3 year term; 4%/1 year term

- highly secure

- invested in a locally owned social enterprise

- guaranteed by real estate equity

- promotes key social change values

- supports an affordable event space open to diverse groups

- references available


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I have spent my entire adult life exploring ways to live that are authentic, open, and effective. In particular, since 1999, I have been working with the Network for a New Culture (www.nfnc.org). The goal is the creation of a consciously designed culture based on awareness and personal freedom, one that can support many of the changes that are needed for the survival of our species and for minimizing the destruction we are wreaking on other species and the Earth. There is no single visionary behind this process; it is entirely a grassroots development based in experimentation and cooperative learning.


Now we have extended that experience into a full-time way of living and working!


Currently, I am the owner and steward of the Abrams Creek Center—a conference and retreat center designed to be ecologically sensitive, non-consumerist, economically accessible, and welcoming of diversity.  (www.abramscreekcenter.com)


Abrams Creek Center creates events and hosts outside groups that promote life-affirming experiences designed to develop the skills needed to be powerful and responsible citizens of our planet, and to create ongoing connections among people who share an identity, concern, or vision.  This is what we mean by creating and building “Tribe”, which we see as a core mission.


Abrams Creek Center includes 20 acres of hemlock forest and whitewater streams, and 16 major structures, including a Guest House and meeting center, a 2-bedroom retreat cottage, and 10 rustic cabins; three miles away, we also have a motel, a 5-bedroom house, a 2-bedroom house, a 2-bedroom apartment, and a laundromat on two acres of land.  By providing accommodations for more people, especially those who cannot adapt to the Center’s mostly rustic environment, it expands the range of the creative and inspirational events and programs that the Center can initiate and host.


One of the most powerful manifestations of this is the 10-day New Culture Summer Camp (www.cfnc.us). The experience of being received by 100 people who *get it* creates a unique level of energy and transformation. At the end of Camp, many of the participants don’t want to go back to the world-the-way-it-is, and instead become change agents, both in their personal lives and in the larger society.


This property is also a keystone for the creation of an "intentional village". This can help revitalize a part of rural America while creating a culture that supports cooperation, communication, diversity, and personal responsibility. You can read more about this concept at:




Allegheny Crest Intentional Village is an intriguing new way of living designed to enhance compassion and personal freedom of choice. This project involves creating specific facilities and larger cultural contexts that are welcoming of diversity and supportive of people connecting at a heart level in all aspects of their lives.


As of July, 2014, we will also have purchased the only store in town, which dramatically expands our platform for positive impact in the area.  The store will serve as a communications and resource center as well as simply providing necessities to its customers.


Part of doing things in a new way is that we finance our programs and properties without using the conventional banking system.  Individuals who choose to participate in this investment opportunity will be secured by real estate.  Both the investment and the facility are forms of social enterprise: a business activity that has a social benefit in addition to being profitable. This is a unique opportunity to "do good by doing well."


We have created a program that pays a much better return than a bank can offer to the folks who have money to invest, but still with a high degree of security.


Under current market conditions, banks rarely lend to small business people such as ourselves. On the other hand, people with savings in the bank are receiving interest rates that are disturbingly low. Even long-term CD's are less than 2%, and shorter term is closer to 1%. This is an opportunity to provide an affordable mortgage loan to a social enterprise small business, while receiving *more than double* the interest rate that a bank would pay.


We can do this by cutting out the "middleman" (the bank). Normally, banks work by obtaining money cheaply (such as offering CD’s and savings accounts at low rates), and lending it at a much higher rate. But by having the people who are providing the money deal directly with the borrower, they will get 100% of the interest that the borrower is paying.


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This lets us create a multiple win situation here. We can:


- pay investors a rate of interest that is well above market rates with solid security;

- help develop a unique community resource;

- create a larger context for the values of individual initiative and social change;

- support a locally-owned social enterprise; and

- have a positive social and economic impact on a rural community.


Since there are no zoning restrictions in the area, we can also use our properties for a variety of activities that would benefit the people who already live in that area as well as those who come to the Center for events or to the motel for temporary accommodations. For instance, the motel can be used as an entrepreneurial incubator. A part of the premises can be set up as small offices or shops, with common facilities that foster the creation of new businesses and services by eliminating most of the start-up costs and challenges. Some of the projects and businesses that have drawn interest include:


Sponsoring a Farmer’s market

Massage/yoga studio

Community center

Health food store

Wildcraft store

After-school programs for children

Teen center

Health care clinic

Music venue

Rent-all store

Book Store/used books

Internet Café

Adult Ed classroom—skills & trades

Holistic health

Repair shop – computers, electronics, appliances

Videoconference center/telecommuting office

Adventure tours: guided kayaking, hiking, etc.


So in addition to offering a wide range of activities at the Center’s main campus, we can have a positive impact on the local economy and quality of life.


This investment is highly secure because it is guaranteed by real estate, which in my experience is more secure than anything except FDIC insurance.


The loans are balloon notes, with a choice of one, three, or five year terms.  Interest will be paid monthly, or will compound monthly, and paid annually or when the investment is repaid. Other arrangements are possible as well.


I am not a broker or financial professional; I am the principal and owner.


If you have questions, or would like further details on this, please contact me directly.


Michael Rios