Water, Bath, and Toilet Facilities


All water faucets at Abrams Creek Center have potable water.   Potable water faucets are located throughout the campground as well as in the Lodge, Retreat Cottage, and Shower House.  The Lodge has deep well water; all other faucets are supplied by Grant County Water.


The Lodge has 2 half-baths and 3 full bathrooms; the Retreat Cottage has one full bathroom.  Since these are all on septic systems, these have a limited capacity—in general, they are able handle the effluent generated by the people who are staying in those buildings. 


For guests in rustic cabins or in tents, we have a shower house with 4 showers and 4 lavatory sinks.   There are also 6 portapotties at several locations in the campground.  For larger groups, we can assist you in obtaining additional portapotties for your event.

166 Abrams Creek Dr.
Elk Garden, WV 26717